Gerald Purviance Tree Service


View Enhancement: Removing specific branches and whole trees to improve the view of the home from the outside or from the interior of the home.  

Pruning and Trimming: This tree maintenance should be done regularly to insure a healthy tree that will withstand bad weather and other environmental factors.

Tree Removal: Sometimes it just has to go!  There are many reasons for removing a tree from your yard; the health of the tree is poor, it poses a risk to surrounding structures, or maybe you are just tired of raking in the fall!  Whatever the reason, we can safely and efficiently remove the tree.

Stump Removal and Grinding: The process of stump grinding just got easier thanks to our remote control operated stump grinder! With this new piece of equipment your unwanted stumps can be ground out and your surrounding landscape is left without a footprint.

Lacing: This simple process of removing dead wood and unneeded cross branches improves the health of the tree while leaving it balanced and bringing out its natural shape.

Root Pruning
:  Got a root that’s headed for your driveway or sidewalk?  The process of root pruning selects specific roots that prevent the often dangerous and unattractive lifting of walkways.

Lot Clearing and Clean-Up:
When its time to start over with the landscape of your yard or you are preparing to build on a wooded lot we can help.  By removing all unwanted trees, bushes, and other greenery we can have it cleared and ready for your new plans and ideas.

Crown Reduction: A top heavy tree is a risk to your home and yard.  By reducing the size of the crown we can give the tree a shape that will allow for growth and safety for both the tree and its surroundings.

Introducing the Teupen Spider Lift: This innovative piece of machinery comes from Germany and is the only one in the San Joaquin Valley.  It is narrow enough to fit through 39 inch garden gate and yet reaches up to a height of 80 feet!  At its smallest it is 39 inches wide, 73 inches tall, and 20 feet and one inch long. The rubber tracks are gentle on all surfaces including grass and marble, leaving no ruts and no marks.  This machine is also available for use in indoor situations with a 110 volt power source. (See Portfolio Pictures for images of the machine and its capabilities)